Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 2010 show: Bad Words, curated by Chris Crites

Come check out the February Art Walk opening tomorrow from 6-9 pm! This month's show is curated by Chris Crites and is all about bad words! According to Chris,

"It is the human imagination that generates a context in which certain words are frowned upon in common usage. These words vary from region to region, but every language seems to have some. There is really nothing wrong with a word. It can't harm anyone literally, but again, the human mind can take words very seriously at times and can create its own damage from them. Despite all that, they can come in handy and express things good words just can't."

Featuring work by: Nat Damm, Kevin McCarthy, Kelly Lyles, Kamala Dolphin Kingsley, Troy Gua, Molly Norris, Kristen Ramirez, Sara Lanzillotta, Lisa Geertsen, Shaun Kardinal, Warren Dykeman, Mary Enslow, Michael Alm, Aubrey Nehring, Gail Howard, Erin Frost, Andrew Drawbaugh, Sharon Arnold, Sierra Stinson

*WARNING: This show contains language that could be considered offensive and is intended for mature audiences.

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chris said...

Well %$@#! the $"*& yeah!!

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