Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 2010 show: Hands on, curated by EGO

SHOW: Hands On


WHEN: Opening Reception during the West Seattle Art Walk Thursday, September 9th, from 6 to 9PM

MORE: beers and bitchezzz


Come check out the sweetest finger paintings on the West Side - the works were all limited to a strict no brush, no tools, no spray paint diet. Hands On is a group show featuring Seattle's best and brightest - Augie Pagan, Ego, Jeff Taylor, John Osgood, Jose Rodgrigues III, Justin P. Farquar, Parskid, Solace, Weirdo, and many more!

Show runs until to Saturday, October 9th

October 2010 show: CANDYLAND by Kelly Lyles

SHOW: Kelly Lyles presents CANDYLAND

WHERE: Twilight Artist Collective

WHY: You need more CANDY!

WHEN: Opening Party during West Seattle Art Walk Thursday, October 14th, from 6 to 9PM. Show comes down 11/7.

About the Show:

West Seattle Artist Kelly Lyles has turned our back gallery into her own CANDYLAND. This show will include 50 small candy "portraits" in addition to a floor piece that will take you onto the board game we all remember from our childhood.

Artist Statement:

Life is fun - I'd like viewers to share that.

With assistance from a 4Culture grant, I've completed a new series, an interactive themed show called CANDYLAND. CANDYLAND, a popular board game for children originally created over 70 years ago (and continually revised, reiterating the timelessness of the theme).

Candy is universal and International, every country has a favorite packaged sweet and a love of sugary treats. In this political and economic climate, I think play and humor are much needed antidotes, so this grouping exemplifies our simple commonality. Candy is colorful and visual; nostalgically evoking childhood memories (whether rewards, even bribery, or conversely the "forbidden") in a lot of adults, encouraging playfulness and happiness. This is also a personal theme for me - I always keep candy only in my studio as a lure to begin work!

~Kelly Lyles