Saturday, October 30, 2010

Twilight's November show - NW Anvil 2

SHOW: NW Anvil II: A survey of Contemporary Northwest Ironwork,


WHEN: Opening Reception during the West Seattle Art Walk, November 11th, 6 to 9PM! Show runs thru December 5th, 2010.

WHAT: A compilation of contemporary ironwork by members of the NWBA ~ Northwest Blacksmith Association, curated by Twilight’s own, Andy Blakney and Lisa Geertsen.

The Northwest Blacksmith Association's membership spreads through Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and beyond. For over thirty years, its members have been committed to the pursuit of education and preservation of the craft, passing on their knowledge to others to create this large group of talented smiths. This show is a small representation of the membership, but it includes some of the most talented smiths in the Northwest and even the country. Our goal for putting this show together is to bring awareness to the community the possibilities that lie within the art of forged metal.

FEATURING: Bill Apple, Elija Burnett, Jeff Holtby, Jorgen Harle, Larry Langdon, Dave Lisch, Andrea Lisch,Peggy Gudgell, Scott Szloch, Bart Turner, Rick Wintch, Mark Manley, Bruce Crittenden, Erica Gordon, Dean Mook, Rick Crelia, Kayla Blincow, Ben Czyhold, Hunter Dahlberg, Joe Elliot, Ken Mermelstein, John Paul, Ries Niemi, Alan Flashing, Jack Frost, Gary Eagle, Darryl Nelson, Lisa Geertsen, Andy Blakney

These people and the NWBA have been the largest inspiration to our pursuit in this art form and we wanted to share their talent with you. ~ Lisa Geertsen