Friday, June 19, 2009


The following letter went out to our family of artists today. Please email us if you've got any questions.

xo, TwAC


As we're sure you have witnessed, the current economic climate has eaten many small businesses alive. To avoid becoming one of the statistics, we realize that we're going to need to change things up in order to stick around. Over the last several months we have recommitted ourselves to the drawing board, determined to figure out how to make Twilight Artist Collective the smooth-sailing Mother Ship she so deserves to be. After 4.5 years in business, we are SO proud of our collective family of artists, and all that Twilight has become. However, amidst today's economic state, we have realized the pressing need to think about this community differently. We are going to be making some changes that will be beneficial to EVERYONE involved with Twilight. It's always at a time when change is most vital that you can see things with an unexpected clarity, and a new chapter begins.

That said, we have been working with an expert in business, specific to the gallery world, for the past several months and HALLELUJAH we are ready to rock!

THE NEW CHAPTER: During the month of June we will be implementing a new business structure that will be based on a financial commitment from our members. This commitment can be made on a variety of levels - depending on the level you choose, you will take home 55% to 75% of your Twilight sales! Why does this work? It is beautifully simple. Our membership fees will allow us to build a budget that is reliable and will provide Twilight the stability to thrive. This stability will free us up to better serve you and our gallery patrons - ultimately generating more sales and a higher earning potential across the board.

CURRENT PROJECTS & PROMISES: Along with our current presence in two different neighborhoods in Seattle, and the list of venues we curate, we are implementing some new ideas to get your art to the people. We are launching an online networking system (think Facebook for Twilight artists only) that will allow for better communication and more streamlined collaboration between members, and an "inside look" for our customers. We are also rebuilding and re-launching our website to better feature you and your craft, as well as making it more user friendly. We will be implementing a shopping option, so we're sure not to alienate the folks who prefer to browse and buy directly from their desktop.

We are SO grateful to have been working with you thus far, and would be honored to have you take this next step with us. We are 100% committed to representing you as a member of Twilight Artist Collective to the very best of our ability, and hope you will welcome this change and all it's benefits, with paint-splattered open arms.

Please take a good look at the attached forms and Membership options, and let us know how you would like to proceed. We are more than happy to sit down and answer questions if you'd like - just let us know and we'll set up an appointment.

Love and great respect,
Erin, Mary & Cheryl