Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This is a must see event:

S3A Presents W3AVE: A Two Night Collaborative Art Event


S3A presents a two night/two neighborhood event called “W3AVE”, bringing together 18 Seattle urban artists for a live collaborative art session the first night, followed by an opening reception and auction the next night.

The live painting event on the first night will take place at the Henry Art Gallery for their “Open Floor” program on Thursday, April 29th from 7-9pm. The reception and auction for the finished collaborative pieces will take place on Friday, April 30th from 6-9pm at City Hostel Seattle in Belltown. Both events are free and open to the public.

The artist line-up includes: Ego, Stacey Rozich, Augie Pagan, Weirdo, Solace, John Osgood, Kevin “Sensei23” Sullivan, Zach Bohnenkamp, CASH, Ninjagrl, 179, Joe Vollan, Mat Savage, PaperMarbleS, Jeremy Gregory, Justin Hillgrove, Mike Capp & Mike Gardner. The artists have been divided into six teams of three. Each artist will show up to the live event with a 12”x16” canvas that they have already started to work on. During the live event, they will swap their canvas with each of their team members and contribute to their canvases while the audience watches. By the end of the live event, each team will have three completed collaborative pieces to be auctioned off the following evening.

In addition, both events will include: DJ EMC and the Acid Unicorn dropping contemporary beats, cooking up an engaging blend of dance grooves and known and loved favorites - from yesterday, today and tomorrow.


S3A has partnered with Henry Art Gallery’s “Open Floor” program to bring more awareness to an under-represented genre of art and artists in the Seattle area. The Open Floor program is a monthly laboratory of ideas coordinated by the Henry Art Gallery staff. Each month Henry Staff, local artists, musicians, performers, and filmmakers present work with the hope of generating new creative relationships.


Thursday, April 29, 2010
7:00 – 9:00pm

Henry Art Gallery
15th Ave NE & 41st St
Seattle, WA 98195


Friday, April 30, 2010
6:00 – 9:00pm

City Hostel Seattle
2327 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121


S3A is a group of artists and galleries committed to raising awareness of the alternative art scene in Seattle and the Northwest by chronicling and promoting events, artists and venues. S3A is also a website that focuses on local, urban art happenings, and must-see exhibits: s3attle.com

"W3AVE" was brought to life by S3A founding members Bherd Studios (bherdstudios.com), Twilight Artist Collective (twilightart.net) and Halogen (halogengallery.com).

City Hostel Seattle home of the “let there be art!” project, featuring Seattle artists exclusively to showcase the city’s talent to the world.