Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hey there, I'm one of Twilight's new interns! My name is Sara and I'm from Lancaster PA. I'm working at Twilight for two months, and this is my first time in Seattle. So far it's been great.


One of the projects the girls at Twilight have me and their other intern Ellen working on is re-doing their window display. We're going to design a couple of displays for the upcoming months and then build as much of them as we can in advance so that they can easily be installed when it's time. For valentines day we're making a bunch of wax paper hearts to catch the afternoon sun and accompanying them with a suitcase full of handmade paper roses. Ellen and I did a couple of days of research looking for the best tutorials on paper rose making, and let me tell you, it was slim pickings. There's lots of beautiful pictures, but as far as instructions go, one seems to have a choice between paying for good tutorials or struggling through mediocre ones.

We eventually chose the latter and, as a bonus, have decided to share our new knowledge in our very own tutorials. Here is my interpretation of the paper rose; look at Ellen's version also.