Saturday, November 1, 2008


Thanks to EVERYONE who came out to our Ghostly Gala last night ~ it was an awesome Halloween! We wanted to give some specific shout-outs to our friends & fam that made last night's event possible:

~ Julia (Strawberry Shortcake), Martha (Power Muff Girl), & Andrew (Bob Wiley), the best TwAC staff ever!!! Carmelita for the delicious food, Elysian & Georgetown Breweries, and Oliver's Twist for the sauce. DJ Sean Majors for spinning records, and our moms for their help & support!

Muchos Gracias also to the fabulous Jenna Colby, and our fellow local businesses who contributed to our raffle bags ~ Easy Street Records, Cupcake Royale, Hotwire Coffee, Red Cup Espresso, Clementines, Freshy's Coffee, Coastal, Dotted Line Jewels & Idle Hands Designs! 3 lucky dogs went home with bags of really cool stuff last night.

As always, we appreciate your support & enthusiasm ~ hopefully we'll see you all over the next couple of holiday months, and can all push through this economic mess into a much sunnier 2009 :)

Erin, Mary & Cheryl


1. Dogs + yoga = "Doga", Sunday November 2nd. All-level class @ 9:00 AM, get your $20 tickets on our "Doga" post!

2. West Seattle Art Walk, Thursday November 13th, 6-9 PM. Featured artist = Jenna Colby!

3. "Deck the DownUnder", Saturday November 29th, 12-5 PM @ Pike Place Market on the 3rd floor DownUnder. Holiday sales, sweets, DJ, coffee & cider, charity drive & more!

4. West Seattle Art Walk, Thursday December 11th, 6-9 PM. Featured artists = Mary Enslow, Cheryl Robinson & Erin Crawford!

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